Are luxury yachts only suitable for rich people?

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Are luxury yacht sales only suitable for rich people? Nowadays, the luxury yachts had already become public and it was not certain that the wealthy would be able to afford it first. The price of luxury yachts is indeed very expensive. Most people’s impression is: it is a product bought and sold among wealthy people, which are out of reach for ordinary people. In fact, many boat owners will rent out the existing yachts and collect considerable rent from them to compensate for the daily maintenance costs, including fuel (yacht fuel is much more expensive than the existing car fuel). By renting a yacht, the public can access and enjoy luxury yachts.

It’s easy for rich people to play yachts/boats. They may have a few yachts at any time, but buying a yacht is as simple as buying a car. One car can be stored with one parking space. However, the yacht must be released into the sea, and the channel needs a place to anchor, and the buried channel needs a place to be maintained first and can be used for a long time. Therefore, after buying a few yachts, there are few rich people who will find familiar boat owners or those who have shipyards, and they will maintain them according to their degree. The most important thing is that someone takes care of the maintenance. But when the yacht is placed in the shipyard for maintenance it means it cannot generate any income. Therefore, yacht owner will give this authorized shipyard to rent a yacht to go out and hold parties, to enjoy holidays or other activities, and so on.

Yacht chartering services are usually handled by the boat owners. This kind of economic chain starts from top to bottom, with the wealthy people at the top buying yachts; the public at the lower tiers renting luxury yachts. Therefore, yachts/boats sales in Hong Kong are not really the stuff of completely wealthy people, but the products of different people.